WPV der am besten beurteilte Persönlichkeitstest

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Cotan recently assessed the Work-related Personality Questionnaire (WPV) as once again one of the best personality tests in the field of Human Resources Management (HRM). Cotan is the Dutch Institute of Psychologists’ committee for testing purposes and is known as one of the strictest of its kind in Europe.

Neue Fähigkeitentests auf VMBO/MBO-Stufe

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We have just published three new tests developed to measure intelligence at VMBO/MBO secondary school level.



Integrity is an important concept in staff recruitment. The damage that dishonest behaviour causes can be enormous. It varies from behaviour that impacts productivity, such as turning up late or petty theft, to serious fraud. The newspapers regularly feature organisations that have sustained serious damage and have even gone belly-up due to integrity violations.
Scientific research has shown that integrity tests contribute to the predictive value of an assessment. Organisations in general benefit from subjecting staff to integrity tests. Below we discuss three integrity tests that can be applied for this purpose.

Ipsativ oder normativ?


Generally speaking, personality questionnaires come in two formats: ipsative and normative. An ipsative questionnaire requires you to choose which of two statements appeals to you the most. A normative questionnaire asks you to indicate how much you agree with a statement to which a Likert scale is attached.
Which type of question should you ask – and when? What are the traits and benefits of the two formats? A poll in the Assessment and Development Centre Practitioners on LinkedIn provides clarity as to the pro’s and cons. Let’s consider the distinctions between the two.

Untersuchung der Reintegrationsfaktoren


Literature research and discussion with colleagues in our field has led to the development of a Reintegration Intake questionnaire. This provides a quickscan of the factors crucial to reintegration. This is why we want to research this issue. Would you like to join us?

Einfluss von emotionaler Intelligenz auf kaufmännische Fähigkeiten


During my Psychology degree at Erasmus University I researched the effect of emotional intelligence (EI) on commercial skills by conducting a webcam test. A summary of my findings appears in this blog. A key finding was that two aspects of emotional intelligence can predict commercial skills. The Commercial webcam test proved to be reliable.

Fähigkeitstests und kulturelle Diversität


In an internationalising environment, we are often asked if immigrants can be assessed with our capability test material and if our tests would be applicable abroad. I would like to comment on my experience with this subject in this blog, and make recommendations on how to be careful when making a choice between capability test materials.

Die Beziehung zwischen der Arbeitsbezogenen Persönlichkeitsbefragung und den Big Five


The Work-related Personality questionnaire is partially based on the Big Five theory. The factors of the Work-related Personality questionnaire differ from those of the Big Five because the Work-related Personality questionnaire was specifically designed for practical application in advice and selection processes that are part of Human Resources Management. We are often asked to outline the relationship between the Work-related Personality questionnaire and the Big Five, and I am happy to do so.

Intelligenz und die Bewertung der intellektuellen Fähigkeit


It is always a good idea to test a candidate’s intellectual ability, particularly when the job in question requires a certain amount of brainpower. But why? And if we do so, which tests should we use? And even more important, where do we draw the line?
I’d like to run you through three cases that illustrate the strategic importance of intelligence tests at three companies. You will better understand how intelligence works after reading this article – and hopefully apply intelligence testing during selection processes.