Neuer Interessentest für Aufgaben und Sektoren (Interest test for tasks and sectors – ITS)

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The ITS is specifically designed to map the interest profile of adults. Interest questionnaires for adolescents provide insight into suitable courses or further education. Interest questionnaires for adults also indicate interest in specific tasks and sectors. This added value is provided by ITS.

Namensänderungen bei den Karrierewerten-Skalen


Coming up with the right name for the scale of a personality questionnaire is a challenge in itself! The scale name needs to reflect its full width and breadth. In addition, the name should generate the correct association so that it is intuitively understood. Some of the chosen names appeal immediately to the imagination while others are harder to place. Repeated comments about a particular scale name is all we need to zoom in on the name and review its effectiveness. That is the case with some of the scales of the Career values questionnaire.

Konsistenz, Selbstbild und Antworttendenz


Consistency, Self image and Response tendency have been added to the Work-related Personality Questionnaire (WPV) report in order to provide greater insight into the way in which the questions were answered in the report. This article describes these metrics and how they can be interpreted.