Konsistenz, Selbstbild und Antworttendenz


Consistency, Self image and Response tendency have been added to the Work-related Personality Questionnaire (WPV) report in order to provide greater insight into the way in which the questions were answered in the report. This article describes these metrics and how they can be interpreted.

Die Beziehung zwischen der Arbeitsbezogenen Persönlichkeitsbefragung und den Big Five


The Work-related Personality questionnaire is partially based on the Big Five theory. The factors of the Work-related Personality questionnaire differ from those of the Big Five because the Work-related Personality questionnaire was specifically designed for practical application in advice and selection processes that are part of Human Resources Management. We are often asked to outline the relationship between the Work-related Personality questionnaire and the Big Five, and I am happy to do so.